Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Radical Skincare Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads

I've posted a review on a different Radical Skincare product that I absolutely loved.  I was very excited to be able to try another one of their products after being so impressed with the previous one.

This product comes with 60 pads and retails for $75. I've mentioned before that the price tag of these products were a little intimidating at first. The first time I tried one of their products I held it to a higher standard just based off of the price. After trying the exfoliating pads, it's clear to me that Radical skincare knows what they're doing. Worth every penny!

Here's all the information you need to know about the product which can be purchased at Sephora.

Every time I use these pads my face feels brand-new. It honestly feels like I have completely different skin. Winter has been brutal on my skin, I've never been more grateful for a product. I've tried so many other exfoliating pads that dry my skin out or irritate it. I was nervous about trying these, but I can't say one negative thing about them. 

I realize that I'm only 22 years old and it might seem crazy to use any kind of anti-aging product, but I firmly believe that anti-aging products should be used by adults of any age. 

I plan on purchasing products from Radical Skincare after being so impressed by both products I've tried. My skin feels tighter and looks much healthier and fresh. I wake up feeling confident about my face even without makeup. 

Have you tried any Radical Skincare products?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Online retail therapy

I've mentioned over and over that I'm completely overwhelmed lately. Break-up, school full time and working full time. Before this new job, I had time I just never had money. Now I have money, but I have no time. So I'm resorting to the next best thing, online shopping.

I've mentioned Ebates before. They have so many coupon codes and best of all you earn cash back just for shopping online.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

So, what have I been shopping for lately? Just about everything.

I'm a really great shopper and I love finding deals. I get in trouble with Groupon, because all of a sudden I want things I wasn't even looking for. But, I also get great ideas for a future vacation.

Fun and sassy shirts
I found most of these at Forever21.

Belly rings from FreshTrends

New kicks

iPhone cases for my new 5C from Amazon

What do you enjoy shopping for when you're in need of some retail therapy?

Monday, April 7, 2014

I deserve so much more.

It's funny how someone can mistreat you, have a million excuses and lies yet it makes you feel like you're not enough. That's what I was dealing with. I've been feeling so unhappy, yet it was always turned on me and I'd be the one at fault. Always at fault. I would go out of my way to try and make things perfect and no matter what there was always something that would set him off. I could mention something about his past or joke about a past issue and it would be a fight for days. 

After New Years, he'd throw it in my face almost every day that I 'cheated'. I didn't cheat. A guy was hitting on me and wanted me to come back to his room and I was annoyed. The guy followed me to my room and begged me to go to his room. I dealt with so much crap after that. Anything he would do to hurt me would turn into a "well, you cheated" fight. He thought he could use that against me to get away with things that he'd instantly leave me for. 

When things were good, they were really wonderful. However, good times didn't last more than a day or two. He made me feel absolutely insane at times. The things that would upset and hurt me were things I never had to deal with in the past. I did my best to handle every situation as an adult, I'd try to bring up the issues and explain how hurt I am. He'd get defensive and leave. 

I knew I needed to leave. He didn't respect me. I kept putting up with it. I kept making excuses for him and I never once told ANYONE the major issues. I was embarrassed that I stayed with someone who could do those things. I knew I was being a dumb girl, but I saw something in him that probably wasn't even there. 

Saturday night he ditched me to go out with this girl who would blow up my Facebook messages just talking shit to me. I was done. Then finding out about their drug use and other activities, I was absolutely done. 

I had to work Sunday, I came in crying. I couldn't help it. However, I have absolutely amazing co-workers and friends who haven't left me alone and haven't stopped trying to make me smile. Everyone kept hugging me and comforting me and it's exactly what I needed. 

I'm ready to start living my life again. I'm enjoying being able to be me and not worry about upsetting someone. It's hard because I know he doesn't care. It's hard because I did way more than I ever should of. But, I wouldn't change any of it. 

I'm so grateful for him. I forever will be. I was completely lost when I met him. I felt like I was broken. He may have put me through hell but, I learned a lot about myself. I know I'll be better than ever so I won't hide my sadness right now. It's hard as hell but, I'm done settling. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

You're just one more hand me down.

Tonight is a night that I shouldn't blog. However, there is something I love so much about writing a blog post when I'm filled with intense emotions. It's therapeutic to me. I don't even know if people still read this blog, I've failed miserably at it. If you've kept up with my blog and still read it, then you'll probably keep reading. If not, at least I have a place to vent right now.

Overall, my life is going amazing. I'm working more than ever and I had finals this week. Monday's class I had a project/presentation due, I ended up getting 100% on it.. which means I ended up with 100% in the class. My second project & final that I had Wednesday was in the class that both tests I've taken in the course I've received 100% on. I've never been more busy in life and I've never done better in my classes.

So life should be absolutely wonderful, right? Oh, wait.. it's life and it's never that simple. It's not even that I'm unhappy, I think I'm just overwhelmed and dealing with too much all at once. I feel like I have people to talk to about things, but I don't have people I can talk to in depth about things I really want to get off my chest. 

It makes it hard to express any feeling other than pure happiness when I know I'm still being watched by people from my old job. People have mentioned horrible things that have been said at my old work about me. I even has my ex-boss text me threatening to sue me 3 hours after I posted on one of my social media accounts that I never knew it was illegal to make an employer pay for broken glasses or when someone walks out on a tab. I also mentioned that I regret never keeping better track of tips since "at a previous job" I was never paid, I only received tips because the tips that ended up being claimed for me equaled out every pay period.. even though I never made enough to get by. Never once did I mention a name, and I still will not. Therefor, suing me for "conduct detrimental to business" is a long shot.

If you've been a reader for a while and you've made it this far, then I will admit that a few months ago I was able to put the past aside and become civil with my ex that I dated for 3 years. It's been both a good and bad thing. It's not something everyone can understand, because it seems like it'd be more complicated than what it simply is. I have no feelings for him in that way, I can honestly say I truly don't believe I ever could. That ship has sailed.

I've been dealing with a lot of personal things that I so badly want to mention, but I can't seem to word them right. However, I'm getting better at admitting my faults. I've been doing better at handling hard situations and standing up for myself. I have moments of weakness, but I'm just powering through them the best that I can. 

I guess I'm just at a weird point in my life. So many things are amazing, yet so many things confuse the hell out of me daily. I'm working on wrapping my head around it all and hopefully sorting out everything. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

I might be an adult.

I tweeted about how lately it's hard it is for me to stay up past midnight and the latest I can sleep in is 9:30am. Someone made a comment about adulthood. Wait.. what?! When did I sign up for this whole being an adult thing?

My last day off was 11 days ago! Yesterday was my first day of not training and I worked a 12 hour shift. Which is wonderful because I really need the money. At my last job I wasn't making much money, just barely getting by. I started thinking... I don't know the next time I'll have a day off.. Seriously, my schedule is overwhelming..

Today- Work 2:30-11
Sunday- Work 2:30-10
Monday- Work 9:30-4 Class 6-10
Tuesday- Work 9:20-10
Wednesday- Work 9:20-4 Class 6-10
Thursday- Work 9:20-10
Saturday- 10:30-4

But, I still work at the sports apparel place so my 2 days off will most likely be spent there and working on 2 huge school projects and studying for finals. 

So, chances are my blog is going to be more neglected than usual for a little while. Hopefully I'll be able to get better with getting more things done with the little free time I have. This whole adulthood thing isn't that fab. But, I'm going to enjoy every second of this new chapter in my life.

Friday, February 28, 2014

I'm excited to be a lost puppy again.

Remember how I quit my job? Well, 7 hours after I quit I decided to go out an apply to a few different places. However, I didn't even have to do that because the first place I went to hired me. I'm going to be working a lot more, but the hours aren't as late. Let's be honest, the only reason I didn't ever want to work at my other job was because I was about as unhappy as it gets.

I just finished my second day of training. I know I can't judge things so soon, but I'm already so happy. There aren't the cliques of super mean girls like there was at my old job. I've been there a total of 2 days and I feel welcomed. I'm not 100% comfortable yet because it's all so new, but I know that it won't be long before I am completely comfortable.

If you've ever been a waitress and had to train then you probably understand why I feel like I'm a lost puppy following someone around. It has been 3 years since I had to follow someone everywhere they go. It's been 3 years since I had to ask where everything is or how to do something simple.

I'm feeling so positive about everything. Today I trained with a guy who told me all of the bosses' pet peeves. When we were slammed and our one boss would tell us to do something, it was no where near the way my old bosses used to talk to me. This is the time that I'm so grateful for my past place of employment. I'm so happy to be somewhere that everyone works as a team. It blows my mind how everyone goes out of their way to help everyone else out even when they're busy.

I have the night off. I have a meeting tomorrow at 9:30am and then work after that and work Sunday and Monday. So I'm going to enjoy my wine and do a whole lot of nothing tonight. Cheers to a new beginning!

Talk Dirty (feat. 2 Chainz) by Jason Derulo on Grooveshark

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I turned 22 and quit my job.

What an absolutely wonderful birthday I had. I was being a Debbie downer about turning 22 because it makes me feel old.. however, everyone made my day nothing short of amazing. I went out the night before and was looking like a hot mess. I tried to pull myself together so we could go get brunch and bottomless mimosas. After we went to a sports bar for a few beers and a fireball shot. Then headed back home to meet up with my brother and to go up to my work for a few drinks and food... 

I'm providing you with some photos before I explain why I quit my job, just in case you want to skip over that part. You're welcome.

We go into my work and it's trivia night. If you've ever been to a bar during trivia or worked at a bar that had trivia, you will know that trivia players take the game extremely serious. The first question was read and my brother, David and my dad joked about the answer. Unfortunately, my dad's second answer was right and apparently we were too loud because this lady turned around and said, "DON'T YELL OUT THE ANSWERS!!!!!!" My boss came over to tell us we can't talk about answers because this is a game and that's against the rules. 

I'm apologizing right now because this story may jump around a little bit, stick with me because it's all so fresh and I'm just typing as I think.

Every single bar we went to on my birthday bought me a drink or a dessert. When I went into my work, regulars bought me drinks and wished me a happy birthday. The only people from work that said happy birthday to me was the hostess, the bartender and our waitress. The only thing other people from work had to say to me on my birthday was questioning why I didn't go to the work meeting that morning. I was a little bitter about the whole experience and I guess it wasn't the best decision, but I posted on Facebook about how wonderful the other bars were and that I shouldn't of went to my work during trivia because it wasn't a good time. 

We get home and my brother realizes he left his expensive sunglasses there. I call up and my boss yelled at me for "talking shit" and wished me a happy birthday and hung up. The rest of my night was a lot of fun. We all went to sleep and after David left, my mom woke me up because she couldn't help but read the text message from my boss. It was just more about how it wasn't okay for me to talk shit about him and his business. Then I had a missed call from my other boss who wanted to talk to me. We played phone tag all evening, apparently he never received my 4 calls so I kept trying to set up a time around my classes.  He told me we would talk in the morning.

So here we are today. I was suppose to work at 10am. I had realized last night that I was either going to get fired or I would end up quitting. I've been there for 3 years and honestly I can't remember the last time I didn't leave a shift pissed off. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to quit. I can't tell you how many times a co-worker made me cry out of pure frustration. I can't tell you how many times I felt so unappreciated. I can't tell you how many co-workers that went through the same crap as me quit and questioned how I could handle everything for so long.  

I woke up and knew I couldn't keep sticking it out. After months of saying I was going to do it, I finally quit. I'm going to be spending my day applying at other places. I have to be honest, I feel like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. 

So here's to 22 and the start of something new.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm the kinda girl who...

I've been overwhelmed lately with stress and yesterday was a test of my sanity. I was running late for work. I looked in the mirror and noticed my entire face broke out. It looked horrible. I never get breakouts. I might get a pimple here and there but, this was awful. I cried over it, tried to get ready. I was running out the door, bent down to grab my shoes and my new perfume David bought me fell out of my purse and shattered. I balled my eyes out like a crazy lady. I get in my truck and start driving to work. I live a mile from both of my jobs so once I'm in my car I know that even if I get stopped at both lights, I don't need to stress about it. However, I started to notice that in order to drive straight I had to turn my wheel so far to the left. All of a sudden I could feel my tire wobbling out of control. I was halfway between my house and work, but I knew I wouldn't make it so I had to pull into a parking lot. My boss had to pick me up, my dad had to leave work to take a look at it and sure enough it's not drivable. Once I was at work everything kept going wrong and many times I just wanted to cry over the littlest things. 

After work David picked me up and took me home so I could get ready and go to hockey with him. After hockey we grabbed a pizza and a beer. The night was really great and exactly what I needed. Today I woke up and my face was almost completely clear. So with the help of google I think that what was going on with my face was a stress rash. So today I'm just trying to take it easy and be as stress free as possible before class.. so I'm linking-up with Holly to share with you what kind of girl I am.

I'm the kinda girl who...

...is very sassy. I always have been.

...sings obnoxiously while driving alone

...owns many shoes and clothes that have never been worn.

...hates talking on the phone unless it's with someone I'm really close to.

...sucks at texting people back.

...gets obsessed with a song and will listen to it over and over again. 

...calls myself out for acting too much like a chick at times.

...has a hard time letting certain things go.

...overthinks way too much.

...is way too sarcastic for my own good. People sometimes are slow to catch on.

...could sit down with a notebook, a writing utensil and just write for hours.

...loves craft beer, especially IPAs. The more bitter, the better. However, I hate when people mention about how many calories craft beer has. It's worth it.

...comes off extremely shy. Once I'm comfortable I don't shut up. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Hallmark Holiday everyone!

I'm so beyond excited today. David has something planned for me, but won't even give me a hint. He just told me to dress like I would if I was going out on a Friday night and said that if I want to dress up I won't be overdressed. AH! So I got off work early so I could rush to get ready.. I guess blogging shouldn't be part of that, so I'll keep this short.

I've never been surprised by a guy. I'm far too excited. If you feel like finding out my surprise, I'll do my best to tweet or post pictures on Instagram! I have no idea what to wear... yikes.

Also, if you're single and hate everything about today go buy some candy and a few adult beverages and celebrate not celebrating a cheesy day.

Linking up with the wonderful Whitney. Here's some songs that are just making my day a little better.

Wake Me Up by Avicii on Grooveshark

Counting Stars by OneRepublic on Grooveshark

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day talk..

I wish I had an excuse as to why I didn't blog yesterday. I'm seriously in the worst blogging funk. Today I'm blogging because I might need some suggestions. I'm talking Valentine's Day...

In my past relationship, I would always get my boyfriend something, make him a card and some treats. I wasn't sure how David felt about Valentine's Day and I didn't want to ask about celebrating because I didn't want him to feel like he needed to get me anything or do anything for me. If I haven't mentioned before, I love making people stuff and surprising them. I've never been the person to care if my boyfriend didn't buy me a card or flowers.

I remember in Elementary school I absolutely LOVED Valentine's Day. I liked making a little mailbox and buying Valentine's Day cards to exchange with the class. I also love all the heart shaped candy and treats. I'm a sweets eater, can't help it. 

The other day David asked me if I had work off or could get it off on Valentine's Day. Last night we went to grab a beer and he asked me if I was planning anything, I told him no and that we didn't even have to celebrate a silly Hallmark Holiday. Apparently he's planning something and wants to celebrate. He even gave me a present early, a Nike thermafit crew neck! So crap.. I need to start planning.  I've been pinning a lot to my Valentine's Day board...

Follow Amanda Shippe's board Valentines Day on Pinterest.

I'm not going to do anything over the top, but I do want to do some cute things because I know he enjoys when I write him notes or make him something. So seriously, if you have any ideas or suggestions let me know!!

What are you planning to do for your significant other? Do you even celebrate Valentine's Day?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Impromptu post

Since I've had a wonderful amount of coffee and I have a lot of random things I feel like talking about.. this is going to be an impromptu post about anything on my mind. 

--One of my possible career choices with my degree is substance abuse counseling. One of my classes right now is Substance Abuse which requires us to go to one AA or NA meeting. I posted on Facebook asking if anyone knew of any open meetings, which made people question why I'm in a substance abuse program and I also received many messages about how wonderful it is that I'm getting help and that they had no idea...

--Speaking of substance abuse, I've noticed that a few of my shows I watched have shown a character taking adderall. On Nashville last week Scarlett takes them so she can stay up and write music and on Pretty Little Liars last and this week Spencer is taking them to stay up and investigate. 

--Do any of you watch Vanderpump Rules? I love it, but I honestly don't think I actually like anyone on that show. The drama is entertaining, but so obnoxiously out of hand. If you don't want your ex then why do you care what they're doing? If someone cheated on you and you can't go 4 minutes without freaking out about it then why be with them? 

--I have so many draft blog posts that are halfway done. I can't seem to focus enough to finish them. I feel like I've been a crappy blogger for months and months.

--I'm addicted to Candy Crush. It's almost annoying. If I can't beat a level I'll play on my kindle or iPad. I might need an intervention.

--I have to be to work in 1 hour, but I'm still not even close to getting ready. I honestly procrastinate way too much. Then I'm always rushing to get ready.

--If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen some of my tweets about how David and his friend watching a war movie. This was probably the most I've used Twitter in a month. I need to get back to social networking. 

--I need to also start posting more photos, but I did post this super blurry picture of my man and I at the Red Wings game. It doesn't look blurry on my phone.. weird.

--Why can't it be easier to get ready? I'm jealous of dudes when it comes to this. Wah.

--You will see a post from me tomorrow! I promise. I have the day off!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Recovery

It is currently 4pm, I haven't spent a single minute getting ready and we're going to the Wings game that starts at 7:30. Oh Super Bowl Sunday, you forced me to ride the struggle bus today. I actually had to work last night at the bar. I made great money, but I really wanted to have fun. I of course, once again, rooted for the team with the best colors.

My parents and my brother came up and then after the game David joined them for a beer. My brother decided he was going to stay at my house since he drank too much, so he was trying to convince David to stay and drink with us. They left and I had to stay at work to clean. When I got home I went straight for the fireball. Not too long after everyone was ready to call it a night. 

I woke up around 9am with a pounding headache. I kept trying to fall back asleep but David was snoring so obnoxiously loud and when I tried to wake him up to tell him his snoring was hurting my head more he said, "Okay. Good." Then he proceeded to snore not even a minute later. 

That's why I find myself still putting off doing anything productive. I don't doubt that I'll be rushing to get ready, regretting not starting that process sooner. Oh the perks of being a chick...

Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday morning gossip.

Today is my last day of my 4 days off. I'm looking forward to making some money this week. Since it's Monday, I feel the need to try and be productive. I'll start with a blog post. My weekend was actually very great. I was able to spend a lot of wonderful time with my boyfriend.

Friday I did a whole bunch of nothing. I didn't have to work so I tried to be productive. Then I laid around and had a few beers.

Saturday I was pretty lazy. Then later in the evening David and I met up with my parents for a beer. Then we went to the video store to rent a game for David's Xbox one, but they didn't have it. So we went back home to enjoy some Dexter and just relaxed.

Sunday we spent the entire day together. Funny story, I bought David a Lion Blood crew neck for Christmas, one that I really wanted. I ended up getting the same one last week.

Well, yesterday we ended up both wearing them.  we went to the movies early to see Her before it was out of theaters. I actually enjoyed it, it's a little sad though. And once again David got me a large popcorn and I killed the entire thing. Ooops. After we hung out with his friend who was going through a break-up. I said was because then later on we realized they were back together, which is wonderful. The rest of the night we did the same thing as always, watched tv and caught up on Dexter.

I'm super bummed that I missed the Pink performance at the Grammy's. I found a video of the performance in case you missed it like I did. She's absolutely amazing.

Last night it snowed once again. I'm not sure how much more of this winter crap I can take. 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pits & Peaks



-Falling on ice and 4 days later I'm still dealing with really bad back and tailbone pain.

-Getting stuck in traffic for 2 hours on Wednesday thanks to Michigan weather. Which made me an hour late for class.

-Not being able to sleep well this entire week. Anytime I actually fell asleep I had insane dreams.

-It is so cold outside. I can't handle this.

-It continues to snow. I dislike Michigan more and more each day.


-David took me on a surprise date last night to this fancy Italian restaurant.

-A lady at the store complemented me on how amazing my make-up looks and how I use just the right amount.

-I had an unexpected day off.

-I actually had time to paint my nails today. 

-Buying Icyhot patches. My back is loving it!

-Actually finishing this post. I've been struggling with finishing any posts.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tailbones don't enjoy ice.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate winters in Michigan? I can't handle the cold, snow and I absolutely can not handle ice. David has quickly learned that if we're outside, he has to hold my hand because my feet always find any ice the sidewalk may have. The only time in my life that I actually fell on ice was when I was little and The Lion King came out on VHS and I absolutely had to have it. I was walking to the car and completely wiped out and hit on head on the deck.

After work last night I rushed to get ready so I could go with David to hockey since I've never seen him play. I was walking out to his car and wasn't aware that the driveway was a complete sheet of ice.  Next thing I know my feet were off the ground and instantly I went down. This time I didn't hit my head, instead my tailbone saved my fall. I was on the ground, attempting to roll around in pain and David jumps out of the car and rushes over to me. He didn't even see me fall, he looked down to change the radio and looked over and I was gone. 

I'm assuming it looked like this...

It hurts to move. Sitting is torture.. which made sitting through David's hockey yesterday, a 2 hour traffic jam tonight and a 4 hour lecture tonight complete hell. I've dealt with lower back pain for a while, but it's just 10 times more painful and it's now combined with the pain of my tailbone. 

I'm extremely jealous of every single one of you who don't have to deal with snow or ice. Feel free to kidnap me and get my clumsy self away from this ice!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask

I was very excited to have the opportunity to review a product from Radical Skincare. I'm someone who is care a lot about my skin. I've tried many different products and couldn't wait to try their Instant Revitalizing Mask.

Before trying this product, I made sure to do some research on the product and the company. I was very pleased with everything I read. I found this video to be very informative about the company.

 I took a screenshot of their Facebook page for a quick summary of what this wonderful company.

Here is a video about the Instant Revitalizing Mask.

Benefits of the Instant Revitalizing Mask:
Optimize oxygen resources for a lasting glow
Stimulates energy production
Controls oxidation reactions
Smoother skin

As soon as my package arrived in the mail, I washed my face and decided to give this a try. I used a small amount on my face and could feel it instantly. It's a bubbly, tingle kind of feeling that I haven't experienced with any other mask. I'm hesitant to say tingle, simply because it's not an unpleasant feeling that I've felt with harsher products. After about 5 minutes it was completely dissolved, I rinsed my face and was very pleased. I wanted to instantly write a review to brag about this product, but I decided to keep trying it out just to make sure I was completely sold. I continued using it 1-2 times a week. This only made me more confident in this product and this company.

It takes a lot for me to be really impressed with a skin product, but I was absolutely blown away. My skin has never felt more clean and smooth. My face can get oily sometimes and in the winter it can be really dry. After using this mask I noticed that I no longer had these issues. For once I actually felt like my skin looked perfect without any make-up on at all.

Before trying this product I was a little sticker shocked. $65 seems like a lot to spend on mask. However, after I tried it I realized that you get a lot for your money. Not only because I noticed amazing results, but a little bit really does go a long way.

I absolutely recommend this product. I will be purchasing it before I run out. I also plan on trying some of their other products after being so impressed with the mask.

Radical Skincare is available in the US at Sephora

You can also purchase their products on their website.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Confessional Friday

Linking up today with Leslie from A Blonde Ambition for some confessions.

I confess...

I need to start working on my gigantic walk in closet. Mountains of clothes absolutely everywhere. I don't even have enough room for half of them.

This walk in closet I speak of is actually my bedroom. It's such a disaster that I can't even be in there for more than 4 minutes.

I'm obsessed with Always Sunny. David and Charlie share very many similarities and I enjoy that too much.

I hate Michigan more and more each winter. I can't handle the cold or snow. It drives me insane when people don't understand.

Were going to Dave and Busters tomorrow for David's friend's girlfriend's birthday and I'm way too excited. David and I saved our tickets onto our game card and are saving up for the stupidest stuff that we really want. 

As I'm writing this, I'm listening to upbeat music to get me pumped up in hopes that I'll be motivated to clean.

I would rather write things out than type them. I'm a perfectionist with my handwriting. I've had a professor call me out in front of the entire class for having handwriting that looks like it was typed.

My google searches prove that my ADD is extremely bad at times. Sometimes I can't even remember what I was originally googling or how I ended up spending so long looking at tacky wedding themes.

I had an issue turning 20, I obviously had no issue turning 21, but 22 is right around the corner and I'm dreading it. 

I really need to get a new ID. Canada is only 30-40 minutes away and to cross the boarder you have to have a passport or enhanced license. My passport expired so I got my enhanced license right before I turned 21, so I don't have to get a new license until I turn 24. Which means it's still vertical and it can be a hassle at bars. "Why didn't you ever get a new license when you turned 21? When you turn 21 you get a horizontal ID." 

I thought my job at the sports store was just seasonal, but they want to keep me. So I'll be working 2 jobs and going to school. I'm actually really happy about this.

Pumping myself up to clean ended up turning into a sing-a-long and wasted enough time that now TMZ live is about to come on.. CRAP. This is why I don't get anything done.

This song pumps me up. I reminds me of our dance party at the bar on NYE. So I'm also linking up with Whitney for #backthatazzup

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bad times make the good times better.

After reading the e-mails and comments about my last two posts, mostly the last one, I realized that I needed to clarify a few things. I also wanted to give an update on the whole situation. Then I promise my blog will move on from this subject. 

First things first.. 
He gave me another chance regardless of what his friends thought. 

He turned to his friends during a hard time, I can't blame him. 

He didn't kick me out that night, I woke up next to him even though he was done. I was just quoting something that his one friend said that he should have done.

We had a very long discussion about how I was feeling towards his friends. I brought up that I felt like regardless of all the crap, I should be defended when someone is immature about us being together.. especially when it's people that do not know me. We agreed on this. We agreed on a lot about the whole situation. He even made my "they don't know me" point more clear when he told me that the friends that do know me, didn't make judgements about me or us. 

It is very easy to look in on a situation and make quick judgements when you don't know the entire story or every little detail. I never wrote anything about this situation to talk negatively about him. I was just simply giving a little insight on things I was dealing with. 

It's a work in progress, but we're so happy together. The way we are together is something I've been looking for in every guy I've dated in the past. Relationships can be hard. Every couple has their fights. It doesn't make them less of a couple. It's all about how you deal with issues. 

I'm grateful to have someone by my side that wants to work out any and all issues. Someone who can be hurt or upset and still cares about my feelings and if I'm okay. 

Thanks again for every single one of you who had something to say. It means a lot. You guys are the best! Can't wait to post about something else!

Monday, January 6, 2014

It's my blog and I'll vent if I want to.

Thank you to whoever read my last post and either commented or contacted me about it. I really appreciate it. I know I didn't have to blog about any of the falling out considering we're now back together, but if you've been reading my blog for a little while you know that I do my best to always tell it like it is. 

I'm hesitant to mention this on here because I worry one day my guy might read my blog and not really enjoy this post. However, I'm pretty annoyed by something and would love to know how other people would handle the situation. 

During the fight and falling out, David obviously turned to his friends for advice and what not. There's nothing wrong with that, we all do it. The thing is, some of these friends I haven't met. Some of these friends I've secretly never wanted to meet. 

For example, once a group of his friends had a dinner and I wasn't allowed to go because I wasn't "on the list." Being the good boyfriend that he is, he complained about it until they finally decided I was allowed to come over. I did not join because I don't accept pity invites. Also, I've known a couple of the people for years and knew that they wouldn't not allow me to join. Therefor, I knew who decided on this cool people list and since then I've done everything to avoid meeting them. 

Back to the falling out. Some of his friends decided to tell him how he should of handled the situation. Very mature advice such as kicking me out in the middle of the night, leaving me in the cold and never talking to me again. They also made sure to put all of these what if thoughts in his head and made sure to convince him that if he gave me another chance that he's weak and I'll just know I can get away with anything. 

Luckily, with all of these thoughts in his head he still talked things out with me and gave me another chance. Clearly those mature, advice-giving friends are just oh so happy. I saw a post on his fb from one of the friends... 

I wanted to comment, "It's officially official, you're a bitch." But, I just hit "like" and left it at that.

Then we changed the stupid relationship status back to in a relationship. How adorable is it that another friend commented, "gay." I kept thinking about a response, but stuck to the "like" approach. 

I know that I should be grateful that he didn't allow them to influence him enough to not give me another chance. But, seriously? These are adults, grow up and stop being so bitter about someone else's happiness. I haven't decided if I'm going to bring this up to him or not. I also don't know how to not be so bothered by it. Grr.

What would you do in this situation?